The UX Blueprint course

Your roadmap to increase conversions, change your mindset, elevate your business and create recurring revenue

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“I cannot thank you enough for this outstanding course. Easily the best I've ever bought”

The UX for Everyone Blueprint course is a scalable framework that will transform the way you deliver projects

The UX for Everyone Blueprint is a a 10-module course with real-world case studies. But more than that, it's a solid, scalable framework that will transform the way you approach any design project (yes, even off-line ones).

You will always be leading your visitors by the hand, even when you build a simple one-page website – and getting them right where you offer the solution to their problem.

This mentality shift will bring you rewards in more ways than you can imagine.

This online course will revolutionise your business by teaching you how to craft the best experiences for your customers. The improvement is guaranteed: for you, your clients, and your clients’ clients.

“In a nutshell: this course opened my eyes to so much. I am constantly finding new things to try and apply! Thank you Piccia for this brilliant course.”

Want to maximise conversions? Start from UX

UX is the art of learning how to give the humans who use your products what they really want.

  • Applying a solid UX blueprint to your projects will speed them up (yes!)
  • It will prevent costly mistakes in the development phase or after launch
  • It will give you more products to sell as an extra to your clients
  • It will position you as an expert
  • It will give you recurring revenue opportunities with optimisation
  • It will win you more jobs, because you'll learn how to be a better listener to your clients' challenges

The UX Blueprint is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself from amateur designers and ready-made templates – and revolutionise your business.

For the cost of just a few hours of a UX pro's time, you will get a UX blueprint that will be yours forever.

“I highly recommend the UX Blueprint Course to anyone looking to create websites that work much better for their clients.”

The 10 modules

Here’s what you’ll learn with the UX Blueprint course

Module 1
Intro to UX

What UX is, why it matters, and how it will make you stand out from the crowd and make a real difference to your clients.

Module 2
Design for Humans

Be a better designer, and overall human being, by walking a mile in the shoes of the humans who land on your products.

Module 3
The UX Blueprint

The UX Blueprint is a solid design & build process that will revolutionise the way you approach any project.

Module 4
Phase 1: Research

Well-conducted research will speed up your production process massively as well as increase your conversions.

Module 4B
Case Study

Our case study is Loop Recycle, a recycling company for businesses in East London. See the research process in action.

Module 5
Phase 2: Design

How to translate the findings from the research phase into an actual product that works. “Content first”: our mantra.

Module 6
Design – Part 2

This module explores the Surface Plane: in a word, the user interface. This could be a whole course in itself.

Module 6B
Case Study

Follow Piccia step by step as she puts principle into practice when building the Loop Recycle website.

Module 7

Test with your users and find out what they *really* want. Create recurring revenue with on-going optimisation.

Module 8
The UX of copy

Copy is still 95% of the internet! It plays a very important role in UX, and it has a direct impact on your sales.

All that you get with your course

Editable templates

Interview templates, questionnaires, user flows and more, all in editable format. These are essential tools that will allow you to carry out the UX blueprint with ease and flair.

Private channel

Our own private club in Slack, and possibly other platforms. There's nothing like community to improve knowledge.

All future updates

Of course, the course is yours to keep for all its existence, and you'll have access to the course dashboard and all materials 24/7 from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Discounts & offers

I always reward loyalty (ask previous students). When you become my student, you'll get significant discounts and offers both from me and from my many industry partners.

Bonus courses

You're also getting the short, but perfectly formed, UX Made Easy mini course together with the big one. A quick introduction to the process, this starter course is absolutely packed with value bombs. You also get Typography 101: an essential typography primer for you and your team.

If you are:

  • An agency owner

  • A designer

  • A developer

  • A content creator

  • A marketer

Who needs to:

  • Win on the web by putting humans at the centre of your designs

  • Increase conversions & sales

  • Get more clients for your business by becoming a better listener

  • Systemise, speed up & optmise your project delivery

  • Elevate your game with recurring revenue

Then you must learn to:

  • Understand your customers

  • By doing research with purpose & empathy

  • Translate research into winning interfaces

  • Make your products easy to navigate

  • Test and repeat!

If you want to become a UX pro with a specific profile, within a large team and working on large projects with large budgets, then this course is not for you.

This is the UX Blueprint I adapted and devised for my own purposes as a small agency with a small team (or sometimes no team), and I’m now sharing it with the world.

Enroll in the UX Blueprint course

  • 10 modules packed with value, drip-fed weekly
  • Real-life case studies where you see how to put theory into practice
  • Downloadable resources
  • Learn what UX means and why it matters to you, too
  • Demystify the UX process, and learn how to apply it to your projects
  • Win on the web by putting the users at the centre of all your designs
  • Create user flows that make conversions easier
  • Make informed layout choices & decisions
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